Too Pretty For The City - Debut Album

If you have been living in a cave for the last 12 months then this will be news for sure. Our debut album 'Too Pretty For The City' will be available at our album party on 09/02/2013.

Although many of you will know this already you will probably not know much else such as, which songs are on the album or what it's going to be like.

Well fortunately for you the folks at Slap Magazine recently got their hands on a copy of our hotly anticipated debut album and had the following to say about it:

Now I don't know alot about this bunch of beauties & I feel that this helps keep my objectivity in tact. However, my esteemed colleagues here at Slap Central were positively frothing with excitement when I announced that I was to review this meisterwerk. So I hit "play" and soon enough a certain Editor was snging (crowing is more accurate) heartily along to what is a veritable cornucopia of absolutely quality unes. I too was swept along immediately with The Crooked Empire's infectious and energetic blend of indie-rockpop. Yeah I hate labels too but what ya gonna do?!

From the storming opener 'Baby Bye' to the enigmatic new single closer 'Jagged Souls' these boys take us on marvellous and memorable melodic journey. It's obvious from the outset that TCE have worked long & hard honing this set and billy-boy does it show. Their well-drilled, tight-as, no-nonsense approach is complemented perfectly by the crisp'n'clean production courtesy of Tim Lewis, ex-Spiritualised and provider of keys & synth on this estimable long player.

There is some great playing throughout from the Entwhistle meets Hooky bass of Chris Gibbs to the voluble drums courtesy of Matt Stafford. Together with the panoramic range of guitar moves on offer here and deadly, dynamic vocals courtesy of Sean Sheldon & Jamie Dudley, this makes for a heady brew indeedy-do.

This band really do have a melodic gift plus plenty of variety in the writing making for a powerful potion. Their loves and influences shine through such as in the classic Beatlesque pop of 'The War' and even sneaking a touch of Strawberry Fields mellotron into the excellent, acoustic 'Smooth Talking'.

Elsewhere singer Sean has a touch of the Kelly Jones here & there plus a little Alex Turner on the punky Artics like 'Run Run', which has some great lines such as the choice "Where did you get that face from? Everybody wants one"

This is a consistently strong album but some faves were the anthemic:

'Emily', the great riff-heavy 'Lead The Way' and 'Asking For It' which perfectly showcases this band's talent for a tasty tune.

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