Slap Mag - Album Review - March 2013

The Crooked Empire Album Party

Marrs Bar 9th February 2013

SlapMagMarch2013So it was another wet weekend in Worcester and I really didn't fancy going out, so unless I was going to see one of my favourite bands at one of my preferred venues then trust me, I'd have stayed in. It must have taken a while to get off my sofa because the first thing I noticed as I wandered in, was the Passengers Band on stage, meaning I'd missed the Artois… Shame it seems, by all accounts they were amazing!

The second thing I noticed was the queue at the bar, I hadn't even noticed the place was heaving until that point! The discombobulated Vikki came good with a couple of ciders, game on!

So I wandered through the melee to snap the brilliant Passengers when I noticed something else, the familiar Marrs Bar back drop obscured by the Crooked Empire banner, aye aye Marzy ain't here then!

I’ve seen the Passengers a few times now and they were great, onight, raising the bar on a good stage, good sound system and good sound engineer was easy for this three piece.

Hoden Lane up next and another polished performance it was too. With plenty of friends in the crowd they looked and sounded relaxed
and at home on the Marrs Bar stage.
But it was The Crooked Empire's night. Copies of the album were flying out as folk couldn't wait to get their hands on them, smiles all round from the management and Sean and the boys as they relished their performance. This band write great songs which is why they are getting noticed at last.
Most of the songs on this album have been around for a while... Lets not go into that now! But with Bye Bye Baby and Run Run in your repertoire you have nothing to worry about especially with fine sing-a-longs such as Jagged Souls to call upon.

In fact the Crooked Empires back catalogue would excite any band of any note and if you can pen a track such as Too Pretty for the City which doesn't make the cut for the same titled album, you must be doing something right.

We were also treated to a few new compositions giving us an insight to their next album The Empire, it seems, are holding out for world domination, as we are subjected to new material which sounds as wonderful as the old, or new, oh god I'm confused!

They follow up this Album Party with five back to back dates in London, the pinnacle being a packed out 100 Club, not bad for an Indie band from the Shires eh?

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