2012 Retrospective

Ok so where do we begin? 2012 has been a rollercoaster for the band and we would like to take this opportunity to first of all thank you, our fans and critics, for following our progress and supporting us all the way.

This year has been a long hard slog for us and there have been times when we all thought our days were numbered and that we wold all soon go back to our mundane lives of working 9-5 and doing the same thing we always strived to avoid. For those of you who don't know, we have been putting the finishing touches to our debut album 'Too Pretty For The City' and it's taken its toll.

For those of you who know the band you will surely be thinking, is this the same album we were talking about more than 12 months ago? Well, in short, yes, it is. We won't lie to you, it's taken longer than we anticipated but we wanted to do it right and make the most of what we have.

We have played up and down the country, well more across than up and down, and have been fortunate enough to have played with Finley Quaye, Steve Cradock and even played an after-show party for The Vaccines. We have played to empty rooms and heaving masses of bodies stomping along to our sets. We have done more miles than we thought existed and visited enough service stations even to make Marc Bodman itch (Sorry, only  Marc himself will get this if he ever reads it).

But, it all boils down to the fact that this is what we do and want to do more of. This year has given us ups and downs and tested our patience to the limit but when we get in front of a good crowd there is nothing that compares!

We hope that 2013 is our year. Not in the way that everybody says 'It will be my year' at the chime of Big Ben but we do believe we can make it.

So, here's hoping 2013 lives up to our expectations and that a lucky break does come our way.


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